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sachet dolum çeşitleri

Disposable Printed Sachet Liquid Filling Types

EVEREST AMBALAJ, 1 gr. with 100 gr. It packs liquid - powder - granular raw materials with the desired printing technique as contract packaging. With its flexible machine park, it can respond positively to urgent production demand and special quantity production demand.

  • Liquid Sachet Filling
  • Single Cut Filling
  • Perforated Cut Filling
  • Gel Sachet Filling
  • Powder Sachet Filling,
  • Granule Sachet Filling,
  • Standard Rectangle Packing
  • Packaging Suitable for Distribution in the Journal
  • Packing Suitable for 2-Triple Distribution

Sachet Filling Dimensions:We can produce sachets with outer dimensions between 5x7 cm and 8x15 cm.
Disposable Sachet Filling Ingredient (Powder):Powder, lightening and whitening powders.
Disposable Sachet Filling Ingredient (Liquid):Hand Cream, Hair Gel, ultrasound gel, hair shampoo, hair care mask, hair care oil, waxing oil, olive oil etc.
Disposable Sachet Filling Outer Material:According to the structure of the raw material and customer demand, we use flexible outer packaging materials consisting of Coated / Aluminum / Pe - Polyester / Aluminum / Pe - Polyester / Metalized / Pe layers in the production of sachet.
Disposable Sachet Filling Printing:In Sachet filling prints, the image that comes from the customer in a graphic format suitable for printing is sent to the customer for approval (email or chromaline printout) after the preprint preparation. If requested, a proof print can also be sent before mass production begins. Proofing is available at an extra cost. Printing can be applied up to 8 colors on the outer raw material with the FLEXO printing system.

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